Bentonite sealing stripe (waterstop), series MQ

Application fields

For sealing of both dilatation and dividing joints in the civil, structural and hydraulic engineering.

Examples of application

  • Sealing of daywork joints between the concrete slab and vertical walls.
  • Sealing of daywork joints in the contact place of two different materials (e.g. concrete/concrete, stone/concrete, or steel/concrete).
  • Sealing of daywork joints between the steel pipes and concrete structures (e.g. within reservoirs, sedimentation tanks, pools, etc.).
  • Sealing of joints in tunnels, dams, water engineering structures (including fresh-water reservoirs).

Technical characteristics

  • MQ – Bentonite sealing strip – an elastic profile based on bentonite, especially developed for sealing of water-tight joints.
  • MQ – Bentonite sealing strip – owing to the chemical composition, it is able to increase the volume in contact with water (200 %), in this way it creates safe protection against the penetration of water (even against the pressure water). It is able to seal reliably even the hairline cracks. The same applies for the aggressive water, sewage water, and so on.

Instructions for use

  • MQ – Bentonite sealing strip must not be applied onto surfaces with standing water. The water must be completely removed.
  • MQ – Bentonite sealing strip may be simply applied. Lay down the sealing strip on the subconcrete so that the perfect contact will be provided, apply the strengthening net and fix it with steely nails (pitch of approx. 25 cm). Afterwards the MQ sealing stripe is laid down, the placing of concrete may be performed immediately. The minimum thickness of concrete layer above the MQ sealing stripe must be 7 cm.
DesignationDimensionsColourLengthPackaging/cardboard boxPieces/pallet
MQ 1023 x 18 mmblack5 m8 pcs18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 1320 x 15 mmblack5 m8 pcs18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 1410 x 15 mmblack8 m12 pcs18 cardboard boxes/ 1728 m
MQ 2020 x 25 mmblack5 m8 pcs18 cardboard boxes/ 720 m
MQ 114150 x 1.5 mmblack1 roll 5 m, 10 m,  maximum 20 m

All sizes of basic series are also produced with designation MQF with protective film against weather influences – rain, snow, running water.