Cable ducts FLEXIS

registartion certificate – industrial design  (PDF)                   offer – flexible system for protection of engineering networks   (PDF)

  • Technical solution of the cable duct FlexiS® is consists in the integration of several HDPE (high density polythene) tubes.
  • One of the advantages is the modular system, components of which are put together directly on site .
  • Practical application: underground, in subways, suspended structures, bridging of uneven terrain, roads, or water-courses.
  • Application distance for one joint – from 1m to 12m (longer distances are possible).
  • Multi-purpose cable ducts suitable for placing of several lines within only one protective system.
  • Owing to the division walls (particular tubes), the cable duct FlexiS® is divided into appropriate number of lengthwise arranged spaces (chambers); these ones will be put together using the connecting pieces.
  • The sufficient protection against mechanical damage, soil pressure (backfill), and load being present above the backfill is provided.
  • Also the protection against moisture and pressure groundwater is provided – the water cannot penetrate into the system and the damage of cables is eliminated.
  • The wide range of the offered segments (accessories) for cable duct FlexiS® provides for variability and flexibility for individual projects and applications in practice.
  • The cable duct FlexiS® complies with all requirements for product being classified in the system of products for application in SŽDC.

Supplied types & dimensional series:
9 holes (385 x 385 x 3000; 6000; 9000; 12000 mm)
6 holes (265 x 372 x 3000; 6000; 9000; 12000 mm)
4 holes (265 x 265 x 3000; 6000; 9000; 12000 mm)

Complies with technical requirements of TZÚS, EZÚ and ITC.

Cable duct FlexiS is protected industrial design and utility design