Granulates bentonite MQ Bento

For water-proofing of environmental structures, substructures, sealing of garden lagoons, ponds, wells and other waterworks.

Fine-grained bentonite agent with wide applicability in environmental, agricultural, structural and hydraulic engineering works. Based on natural bentonite with big content of montmorillonite – active material determining its characteristics, especially:

Ability to absorb

  • smells, vapours, air humidity
  • spilled oils and other liquids
  • liquid portion from litter for livestock (concentration of slurry before composting)

Reclamation ability

  • for fertilization of sandy soils and surfaces of e.g. spoil banks, owing to the ability to keep the moisture and nutrients within the root layer
  • as an agent for mineral-based fertilizers, where it prevents percolation below the vegetable soil, and at the same time it prevents the fertilizers to become crusty form during storage
  • for balancing of moisture regime of soil substrates for cultivation of plants

Sealing ability

  • for sealing of structures and water reservoirs (wells, sumps) against penetration of surface water
  • sealing of dams and small infiltration cracks of the reservoirs against leakage
  • securing of the subsoil impermeability for parking, storage and assembling areas, where the danger of pollutants into groundwater exists

Due to the environmental friendly nature as well as its natural origin, this material is predetermined for wide range of applications – namely with environmental friendly influences.

Indicative technical parameters:

Content of montmorilloniteby weightminimum 60minimum 60
Humidity%3 – 73 – 7
Grain sizemm0.5 – 20 – 2
pH-value7.5 – 9.57.5 – 9.5

Testing:     According to CSN 72 1077
Package:     Bulk-cargo packs (1 tonne) or small packs (by appointment)
Shell life:     Unlimited in dry rooms
Transport:     By appointment (by phone)